Monthly Archives: March 2021

Variational method in field theory – videos

A bit more than a month ago, I put on arxiv two preprints (short and long) that summarize my recent work on applying the variational method in relativistic quantum field theory. I am happy that they were (so far) well received, and I got the chance to present the corresponding results in a few seminars already. The last two, at the University of Helsinki and EPFL, were recorded. I had a better microphone at EPFL, and expanded more on tensor networks, so I embed the video below (or direct link here).

I skipped the introduction to the basics of relativistic quantum field theory at EPFL and so you may prefer the Helsinki recording if this is not well known to you (as I was a basically two years ago). As the typical Frenchman, I say “eeeeuuuh” a lot when presenting, which makes the whole experience particularly awful for people listening. Now that I am painfully aware of it, I will try to work on it ifor future presentations…