Monthly Archives: September 2022

Research news

I am at the Erwin Schrödinger Institute in Vienna for 1 more week, where I get a perfusion of tensor networks straight into my veins. There, I unsurprisingly talked about my recent work on continuous matrix product states. The blackboard talk was recorded, but sadly I wrote a little too small so I have to squint to read the equations. It is adapted to an audience knowing tensor networks very well, but quantum field theory slightly less.

To have more things to discuss at the breaks, I put on arxiv the results of my exploration of the ground state of the Sinh-Gordon model with relativistic continuous matrix product state. This is not a final version (some references are missing, and I will likely update the discussion), but I had to put it online at some point. I spent quite a lot of time optimizing the numerics but at the end still couldn’t fully settle the situation of the model near its self dual point. I still think the data is interesting nonetheless: it is obtained in the thermodynamic limit, and is fairly precise for moderate coupling. I hope it will also push people to develop better contraction routines, as ramping up the bond dimension could be enough to clarify the matter (at least numerically, before mathematical physicists and mathematicians nail it).