ERC funding

It is now official: the ERC awarded me generous research funding to work on the intersection of tensor networks and quantum field theory (see e.g. here). The proposal that got me the money is here and, as far as I am concerned, it is public (I will be happy if you can solve the open problems faster than my collaborators and I). Some formal job openings will follow but you can already check the “working with me” section.

Soon, I will have to work. But now I thank the people who helped me. Thanks to those who proofread my proposal and pushed me to apply (in particular Pierre Rouchon). Thanks also to Jean-Pierre Banatre who helped me prepare for the interview. Thanks to Mathieu Reboul at Armines who took care of the admin part and allowed me to focus on the science. Thanks, to the UK for leaving the ERC, which apparently allowed my project to go from “recommended for funding” to “funded“. Thanks finally to randomness — whether it comes from the splitting of many worlds, the collapse of the wave function, or the last digits of the Bohmian positions at the beginning of time — it certainly helped me.

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