Working with me

I am happy to collaborate with smart and creative people (collaborators, postdocs, PhD students, interns, see below) even if I do not advertise something specific at a given time on a given subject (this includes for example, the simulation of superconducting qubits, nuclear engineering, fast matrix multiplication algorithms, or quantum foundations). However, I recently got generous funding from the European Research Council and am thus in priority looking for exceptionally motivated PhD students and postdocs to work at the intersection of quantum field theory and tensor networks.

More specifically, I am primarily looking for theoretical physicists who would be interested in (and have at least some training consistent with) the research lines described in the B2 proposal that got me rich with plenty of European taxpayer money. Of course this is just a starting point for some research ideas, and especially for postdocs there would be a lot of freedom to explore your connected ideas.

There will soon be formal openings for the PhD and postdoc positions, but do not wait for them to contact me.

PhD students / M2 internships

For PhD students some strong theoretical physics background would be preferable but some more general background in quantum physics or mathematics is acceptable for exceptionally good students. For people studying in France, a typical background can be (for example) the ICFP masters (ideally in the theoretical physics track), in which case the ideal option is to start with an internship in the second semesteer. Any selective physics, theoretical physics, or mathematical physics Masters in another country is of course acceptable (e.g. PSI at Perimeter, a physics Masters at TUM, etc.). Contact me if you are interested in a position (or M2 internship), with a CV and grades, or at least some clear explanation of your background and academic achievements (grades are not everything, but they are not nothing).


For postdocs, I am looking for autonomous profiles, who already follow their own research ideas at least partially, and ideally have some expertise orthogonal to mine in relevant fields (e.g. in conformal field theory, bootstrap, Hamiltonian truncation, high performance calculations with PEPS, functional renormalization group,…). Hence, for postdocs the subject is only some guide, or starting point, to find common interest. I am looking for both theory bulldozers and numerical geniuses as I think both will be needed to make progress in QFT and tensor networks (it’s even better, but not required, to combine both in the same person). If you are interested, maybe have a look again at the B2 and contact me so we can discuss.

Internships (undergrad)

I aim to take 1 to 3 undergrad interns each year, for periods of a few months, in priority from Mines Paris – PSL and École polytechnique. The subjects are typically very broad, and need not be tied to the ERC. Contact me if you are interested, even if I did not formally propose a subject in your track.