Random news

  • An interesting experimental proposal to finally pin down the quantum (or classical) character of gravity has just been accepted in Physical Review Letters (arxiv). I really think it is far more urgent to explore (theoretically and experimentally) whether gravity really has to be quantized, than to head on brute force quantize everything. Hence I am very sympathetic to this proposal by Sougato Bose and his collaborators (I had heard of it already a year ago in Bangalore). Anil Ananthaswamy has written a popular summary of the article for New Scientist and I am quoted (together with Maaneli Derahkshani) saying all the good that I think of such attempts.
  • I have written a comment (arxiv) to correct some technical mistakes made in a couple of papers on collapse models. The trouble in the original articles came from slightly too brutal perturbative expansions of stochastic differential equations. I have tried to show different ways one could have obtained the correct results and explained what I think went wrong in the original derivations. The bottom line is that to compute the empirical predictions of all “standard” collapse models, it is never necessary to consider the full stochastic differential equation. The average of the solutions, which obeys a simpler linear master equation with smooth solutions, is always sufficient. This is really not a big deal, but perhaps this will simplify the life of people who want to make computations with such models.

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