Various news

1- Since October 4th, I am back in Paris with a position at Mines Paristech, which is a French “grande école” part of Paris Science et Lettres (PSL). I am also a member of the Quantic group, which is a joint venture with Inria and École Normale Supérieure exploring superconducting circuits for quantum information processing (theoretically and experimentally). I am very happy about this move back to Paris after 5 great years in Munich where I learned immensely and became more of an “adult” theoretical physicist. In Paris I will keep an interest in my old subjects: quantum field theory with variational methods, many body physics, quantum foundations (and others..). But I will try to develop tighter connection between state compression methods (tensor networks) and what is done in the group especially with cat qubits and error correction. For all these subjects, I will probably have some money soon from various sources. Students interested in any of these themes (even the exotic stuff) should feel free to contact me in advance to discuss possible PhDs or internships.

2- I gave a rather conceptual talk on collapse models at the Quantum Boundaries workshop. The talk was recorded:

3- For those who are in Paris, I will speak at Foundation 2020 (which was delayed because of covid) on Thursday October 28th. I will present our latest results with Howard Wiseman on the equivalence between non-Markovian collapse models and Bohmian theories (this preprint).

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