New article in Quantum

My preprint from January “Time-local unraveling of non-Markovian stochastic Schrödinger equations” has been accepted and published in Quantum. It is a new open-access journal managed by physicists (mine is just the 29th article!):


“Quantum is a non-profit and open access peer-reviewed journal that provides high visibility for quality research on quantum science and related fields. It is an effort by researchers and for researchers to make science more open and publishing more transparent and efficient.”

I indeed had a smooth experience with the peer-review process, which is done through the well designed Scholastica platform. It was not particularly fast but at least it was very transparent and the editor was quick to kindly update me about what was going on.

I have actually been lucky that peer-review took some time because it allowed me to spot a serious but quite subtle mistake in the original submission. I had severely misunderstood a step that made a whole section incorrect. The upside is that I finally managed to do what I initially claimed to do in this section, although I ended up doing it in a totally different (and perhaps even nicer) way. At that point, I was a bit suspicious with my own ability to carry analytical computations correctly. So I have added numerics to check, on a not-totally-trivial example, that the critical step I had messed up was now correct. So please check only the new published version and forgive me for the previous flawed preprints on arXiv. Everything should be fine now.


The reassuring numerics 

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